Forum & Alumni Talk

February.13.2021 KIP Forum: "Dawn of Digital Currency"  

For the February Online Forum, we invited Mr. Tada, a member of KIP Alumni. He explained us about basic knowledge of the digital currency which included the definition, international consideration, and future outlook. Following the talk, we discussed the theme of “Should the government allow Libra (Diem) to launch its service? Do you want to use it if it is available?”


November.7.2020 KIP Forum: "Working at the OECD & What Mental Health Research is"  

For the November Forum we invited Mr. Shunta Takino, who has been training for two years as a trainee of the Young Associates Programme at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), to talk about "What is the experience of working at the OECD as a young person?” and his work at the OECD, "Mental Health Research".


October.17.2020 KIP Forum: "What we can see from the Great East Japan Earthquake"  

The October forum was held. In the project of this year which theme is “The role of conveying and responsibility of telling”, we are researching about prevention of damage caused by rumors and reduction of mental damage of the victims. Therefore, in this forum, we invited Mr. Toshiro Sato who is playing an active part as a storyteller about Okawa Elementary School as speaker, and we were able to hear about the facts that occurred in the Great East Japan Earthquake and important factors of disaster prevention.


September.24.2020 KIP Forum: "Series ‘Onko-Chishin’ the first ‘studying the features and the history of Japanese politics to learn new things’"  

The first session of “Onko-Chishin”, the new program of KIP has started. In this program, we try to rethink Japanese custom and find out its roots through discussion. Entitled "Learning from the World of Politics," the event began with a discussion by Mr. Osaki on Japan's press conferences with preestablished harmony, which was seen in the resignation press conference of Prime Minister Abe. Then we introduced each other to the typical practices in Japanese politics, examining their origins and intentions from various perspectives.


September.12.2020 KIP Forum: "Emerging U.S. Trade Policy Approaches to China and their implications for the International Trading System"  

For the September Forum, we invited Mr. Shikata who is a KIP board member and has been appointed to the position of Director-General of Economic Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since this July. Based on the subjects he has researched for the last three years in China and the United States as well as at Harvard University, he delivered the cutting-edge insights regarding the ongoing US-China trade friction. At the end of the Forum, we discussed the role of Japan in the deepening US-China confrontation, including policy recommendations.


August.22.2020 KIP Forum: Reflecting on the phrase;"I understand that I don’t understand. But I stand with you"  

August forum was held online on August 22, inviting Ms. Yuko Yokoi, a KIP alumna. She started her lecture with racial discrimination issue related to BLM activities, and the awful tragedies that black men being killed by white police in the United States. This forum was held in 8 o’clock pm in Japan, and in 7 o’clock am in New York. Even though there is a time difference, we were able to hold this forum thanks to online technology. In the end of the forum, we discuss in groups about "Whether posting through SNS should be restricted or not."


July.18.2020 KIP Forum: "Impact of COVID-19 on Australia-Japan tourism"  

July forum (Reading English Magazine) was held online on July 18, inviting Ms. Sarah Strugnell, a Master student at The Australian National University and The University of Tokyo. Based on two articles which focus on the impact of COVID-19 on Australia-Japan tourism, she briefly explained the tourism industry in those two countries and compared the different tone of articles. Afterward, participants discussed how COVID-19 changes the images of Australia and Japan by using the concept of "soft power."


June.23.2020 KIP Forum: "Attraction and Suffering of International Cooperation: Volunteer Activities at the Botanical Garden in Jordan"  

June forum was held online on June 23, inviting Mr. Ryota Fujiwara, a KIP Alumni. He gave us a talk about his experiences in the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) program. The forum proceeded in a question-and-answer format. Afterward, students discussed whether the country should increase or decrease its budget for international cooperation.


May.30.2020 KIP Forum: "Changes in the movement of people through the spread of on-line systems"  

The May Online Forum took place on Saturday, May 30. This time, Mr. Tetsu Imai, a member of KIP Alumuni, explained us about the movement of people after the lifting of the state of emergency. Then we discussed how this movement in Japan will change in the prosess of online businesses and courses are being introduced. In addition, we engaged in a workshop from this viewpoint,“How can we encourage more people to visit four remote prefectures continually?”


Apr.18.2020 KIP Forum: "Think About COVID-19 and Its Relevant Issues"  

April forum was held online, affected by COVID-19 and the transition to a new system. Member from all over Japan and abroad discussed distance education, risk communication and public health and policy.


Feb.15.2020 KIP Forum: "Light and Darkness of the Olympics"
Shuichi Nakamura, Standing Executive Committee Member of Tokyo General Construction Workers' Union Headquarters  

February forum was held on February 15th, inviting Mr. Shuichi Nakamura, who is Standing Executive Committee Member of Tokyo Construction Workers' General Union Headquarters. The forum took place in the form of a dialogue with an alumni member. Mr. Nakamura talked about the structural problems of the construction industry, which is gathering attention when the Olympics is coming soon, and how to tackle the issues.


Jan.14.2020 KIP Forum: "How the U.S. and Japan can work together on China issues?"
Mr. Michael F Cavanaugh, Acting Minister Counselor Economic Affairs. Formerly, Chief of Trade and Economic Policy Unit, US Embassy Tokyo

The January Forum took place on Tuesday, January 14. We invited Mr. Michael F Cavanaugh, from the US Embassy (title above). He talked to us about how Japan and the U.S. are dealing with China, which is rapidly gaining power in terms of its economy and profile strength. Following the talk, the students discussed the question “In which country would you like to work: China or the U.S.?” More

Dec.06.2019 KIP Forum: "The truly important things about Working"
Mr.Yoichi Furuno, Chief Director of Institute for Organizational Behavior Research, Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd.

November forum was held on December 6, inviting Mr. Yoichi Furuno, who is engaged in career development business at Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd. This forum is a continuation of the previous one, and this time he talked about ways to find a calling, methods for making work environment more comfortable and what the ideal job is. Our discussion covered various different topics based on his lecture such as how to find an ideal marriage partner, purposes of working under different types of occupation and the relationship between career and education. More

Oct.26.2019 KIP Forum: "The truly important things about Working"
Mr. Yoichi Furuno, Chief Director of Institute for Organizational Behavior Research, Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd.

October forum was held on October 26, inviting Mr. Yoichi Furuno, Chief Director of Institute for Organizational Behavior Research, Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd. We discussed under the theme of “The truly important things about Working”. The topics ranged from “ideal working style” to “happiness theory”, and the discussion heated up. More

Oct.01.2019 KIP Forum: "Democracy from the views of political public relations and online election"
Mr. Ryosuke Nishida, an associate professor of the institute for liberal arts of Tokyo Institute of Technology

September Forum was held on October 1st, inviting Mr. Ryosuke Nishida and a senior member, who deals with public relations of administration. They discussed election campaigns and political activities using medias, the legal system, and image-building strategies of them. Next, we had a discussion about "Should the cost of political advertisement regulated?" More

Jul.06.2019 KIP Forum: July English Debate Workshop
Mr. Inoue, the Representative of SPEECH & DEBATE INSTITUTE

We had a great opportunity of learning and practcing English debate by Mr. Inoue, the Representative of SPEECH & DEBATE INSTITUTE. Students learned a CERC model, which is helpful for speaking logically, and practiced one on one training and a debate. After the four hours practice, students noticed that they could speak out with confidence and felt importance of “Learn by Doing”. More

June.22.2019 KIP Forum "A Work Style Reform Law and acceptance of foreign workers"
By Mr.Ichiro Natsume, a secretary-general of labor lawyers association of Japan

June Forum was held on June 22nd, inviting Mr.Ichiro Natsume and a senior member, who deals with labor problems. They discussed what a work style reform law was and the present situation and problems on the acceptance of foreign workers. They passionately told us how terrible the working environment of foreign worker was and how we can improve the labour reform law. More

May.14.2019 KIP Forum "How to see the international situation"
By Mr. Ichiro Fujisaki, former ambassador to the U.S.

May forum was held. This time, we invited Mr. Fujisaki, Former Japanese Ambassador to the US. First, he talked about the three misunderstandings of ideas many Japanese people have. Next, we had a discussion about "How should Japan behave in view of the current US-China relationship?" Finally, Mr.Fujisaki gave a feedback about our discussion and he spoke about the relationship between China, the US, North Korea and Japan. More

Apr.24.2019 KIP Forum "Will art and culture develop in Japan?"
By Mr. Tamio Kano, the managing director of Nippon Music Foundation

April forum took place on 24th April. This time, we invited Mr. Tamio KANO from the Japan Art Council to think about if culture and art develop in Japan and it is necessary to support them. He made a speech about the current position of culture and art in Japan and the situation of financial support from the government and companies. After his speech, we had a group discussion about "Which is better to support culture and art, tax or donation?" More

Mar.7.2019 KIP Alumni Talk "The New Technology Changing the Global Automotive Industry---Current and Future Status of the 'C.A.S.E.'---"
By Mr. Takashi Nakatsuru, a member of KIP Alumni

For a KIP Alumni Talk in March, we invited Mr. Takashi Nakatsuru, who is a member of KIP Alumni. The title of his lecture was "The New Technology Changing the Global Automotive Industry---Current and Future Status of the 'C.A.S.E.'---." He talked about various topics, such as global automotive industry, electric vehicles, autonomous cars, and the relationship between cars and rural areas in Japan. More

Jan.17.2019 KIP Alumni Talk “Anonymous or real name? Dilemma of journalists”
By Mr. Keisuke Matsuo, a member of KIP Alumni

In January Alumni Talk, we invited Keisuke Matsuo, who is a reporter on social issues for Press Bureau, NHK. Whether news is reported anonymously or with a real name is determined by a possibility of accidents or criminality, and also many elements like the age of a victim. But it's difficult to know that these kinds of ”care” is really meaningful to the persons involved, he said.

Oct.31.2018 KIP Forum "A meaning of a World Heritage Sites and the situation in Japan"

The subject of the November Forum was "A meaning of a World Heritage Sites and the situation in Japan”. Hearing a lecture from a speaker, we had a discussion about this theme.

Oct.20.2018 KIP Forum "Japanese Social Welfare System and Ourselves"
By Mr. Fukazawa, the Sub Manager of MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, Inc.

October forum was held. This time, we invited Mr. Fukazawa, MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, Inc., who has much knowledge of pension and insurance. He talked about the pension system in Japan and its current condition. University students usually do not know the pension system well, so this forum was a good opportunity to learn it. After the speech, we had a discussion time on the topic, “Should the burden of public pension be lightened for promoting private pension?” More

Oct.4.2018 KIP Alumni Talk "Experience and Business Views Acquired through Investment of Venture Enterprises in Southeast Asia"
By Mr. Hirota Ryusuke, a member of KIP Alumni

October Alumni Talk was held. We invited Mr. Hirota, who is on investment and support business at venture capital fund in Southeast Asian countries. The title of the lecture is "Experience and Business Views Acquired through Investment of Venture Enterprises in Southeast Asia." He talked about startup, venture capital, and current state of Southeast Asian market and career of self. More

Jul.7.2018 KIP Alumni Talk "The Significance of Working in International Financial Market"
By Mr. Takizuka Yasutaka, a member of KIP Alumni

July forum was held. This month, we welcomed Mr. Takizuka who is a member of KIP Alumni. The title of his lecture was “The Significance of Working in International Financial Market”. Mr. Takizuka taught us the experiences in his career and the lessons learnt through it. After the speech, we held a group discussion titled “What We Should Learn Besides University Classes for Our Future Career”. More

May.8.2018 KIP Forum "Significance of the Linear Central Shinkansen and the Role of the Tokaido Shinkansen"
By Mr. Koji Kumekawa, Central Japan Railway Company, Public Relations Department, Tokyo Public Relations Office.

May forum was held. This time, we invited Mr. Koji Kumekawa, Public Relations Department Tokyo, Public Relations Office of Central Japan Railway Company. The title of the lecture was "The Role of Tokaido Shinkansen and Significance of the Linear Central Shinkansen." The lecture had three important viewpoints, which were "the challenge of the linear," "increasing the competitiveness of the Tokaido Shinkansen" and "beginning and mission of Central Japan Railway." Mr.Kumekawa mentioned what kind of changes the Linear Central Shinkansen and Tokaido Shinkansen will bring to Japan in the future. More

Apr.7.2018 KIP Forum “Nissan Intelligent Mobility Vision”
By Mr. Daniele Schillaci, Executive Vice President of Nissan

Forum in April. We invited Mr. Daniele Schillaci, Executive Vice President of Nissan, and we learned about the role of car industry and future style from three aspects: “reality of the car industry”, “the future of car industry”, and “the problems of Japanese society.” After that, we had discussion about “Do you think car ownership desire by the youth will be lost or not in the future?” More