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June KIP Forum

"Japan's Economic Diplomacy "
discussion theme: Japan's New Economic Diplomacy Initiative Proposal for the G7 Summit to be hosted by Japan in 202
date: 26/6/2021
lecturer: Mr. Noriyuki Shikata
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May KIP Forum

"Study and work abroad – Experiences in the US, France, British and China (Japanese economic diplomacy)"
discussion theme: Do Japanese people have to study or work abroad to enhance the sustainability of the Japanese economy?
date: 8/5/2021
lecturer: Mr. Noriyuki Shikata
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April KIP Forum Ⅱ

"Mental health implications of the Covid-19 crisis: what next for Japan?"
discussion theme: Why has the mental health crisis emerged under the COVID-19 pandemic among Japanese youth? What can we do as the measures to prevent any negative consequences of increased mental health crisis?
date: 24/4/2021
lecturer: Mr. Shunta Takino
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April KIP Forum Ⅰ

"Gathering with G7 Youth Summit Japan Representatives for the 2021 Summit Meeting"  
discussion theme: Should vending machines be reduced?
date: 10/4/2021
lecturer: Mr. Tetsu Watanabe, Ms. Manae Saza, Ms Emiri Morita
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February KIP Forum

"Dawn of Digital Currency"  
discussion theme: Should the government allow Libra (Diem) to launch its service? Do you want to use it if it is available?
date: 13/2/2021
lecturer: Mr. Tetsuro Tada
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November KIP Forum

"Working at the OECD & What Mental Health Research is"  
discussion theme: Utilization of IT Tools for Mental Health Care Problem Solving
date: 7/11/2020
lecturer: Mr. Shunta Takino
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October KIP Forum

"What we can see from the Great East Japan Earthquake"  
date: 17/10/2020
lecturer: Mr. Toshiro Sato
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September KIP Forum

"Emerging U.S. Trade Policy Approaches to China and their implications for the International Trading System"  
discussion theme: Japan’s Role in the U.S.-China Conflict
date: 12/9/2021
lecturer: Mr. Noriyuki Shikata
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August KIP Forum

Reflecting on the phrase;"I understand that I don’t understand. But I stand with you"
discussion theme:Whether posting on SNS should be restricted or not.
date: 24/8/2020
lecturer: Ms. Yuko Yokoi
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July KIP Forum

"Impact of COVID-19 on Australia-Japan tourism"
date: 18/7/2020
lecturer: Ms. Sarah Strugnell
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June KIP Forum

"Attraction and Suffering of International Cooperation: Volunteer Activities at the Botanical Garden in Jordan"   
discussion theme: whether Japan should increase or decrease its budget for international cooperation in the time of national particularism caused by the pandemic of COVID-19.
date: 23/6/2020
lecturer: Mr. Ryota Fujiwara
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May KIP Forum

"Changes in the movement of people through the spread of on-line systems"  
discussion theme: planning how encourage more people to visit highly romote prefetures
date: 30/5/2020
lecturer: Mr. Tetsu Imai
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April KIP Forum

"Think About COVID-19 and Its Relevant Issues"  
date: 18/4/2020
lecturer: KIP members in other countries
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