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April KIP Forum

"Is Japan a barbaric country? Culture and environmental protection"
date: 21/4/2024
lecturer: Ms.Rina Keboushi, The University of Tokyo Faculty of Agriculture
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March KIP Forum

"The Governance Structure of Japan"
date: 23/3/2024
lecturer: Mr. Tetsuro Tada, KIP Alumni
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New Year KIP Forum

"Should Japanese universities make graduation more difficult?"
date: 6/1/2024
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December KIP Event

"KIP Discussion Event"
date: 26/12/2023
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Nobember KIP Forum

"Educational Opportunities and DEI in U.S. Universities"
date: 18/11/2023
lecturer: Mr. Koichi Ito
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July KIP Forum

"The Artemis Program: Plans to Return to the Moon"
date: 1/07/2023
lecturer: Mr. Garvey McIntosh
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May KIP Forum

"Post-Ukraine: What Will Happen to the World, What Will Happen to Japan?"
date: 21/05/2023
lecturer: Mr. Hatsuhisa Takashima
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KIP March Event

"The Challenge of Biotechnology and Genome Editing in the Medical Field"
date: 18/03/2023
lecturer: Mr. Ken Yasaka, a doctor at Tohoku University and a KIP Alumni
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January KIP Forum

"Islam and Civil Society"
date: 14/01/2023
lecturer: Mr. Mitsuo Nakamura, Professor Emeritus, Chiba University
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December KIP Forum

"KIP Discussion Forum Ukrainian students & Japanese students"
date: 18/12/2022
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November KIP Forum

"The U.S. – Japan bilateral relationship in Space: The most important in the world"
date: 26/11/2022
lecturer: Mr. Garvey McIntosh
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October KIP Forum

"The Kishida Administration's Policy Priorities -Centering in on Foreign Policy"
date: 15/10/2022
lecturer: Mr. Noriyuki Shikata
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August KIP Forum

date: 20/8/2022
lecturer: Dr. Sergiy Korsunsky
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July KIP Forum

"Japan-Asia relations-"
Discussion theme: A discussion was held on the topic, "Should Japan be or can Japan be a leader in Asia? 
date: 9/7/2022
lecturer: Ms. Suvendrini Kakuchi
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June KIP Forum

"Supporting Yourself and Society 50 Years from Now -The structure of the public pension system and how to prepare for your future as an individual-"
Discussion theme: "Should the current public pension contributions be reduced or maintained? If reduced, how would it compensate for the reduction in social security revenues?" 
date: 18/6/2022
lecturer: Mr. Ryohei Suzuki
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May KIP Forum

"As a company who supports the further development of Japan (History of Japan National Railways and JR-Central, and The Linear Central Line)"
Discussion theme: JR-Central's Central Japan Shinkansen Line policy has the aspect of encouraging population concentration, but what are the merits and demerits of population concentration when considering the future of Japan?
date: 14/5/2022
lecturer: Mr. Koji Kumekawa
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April KIP Forum

"Sustainable living- Sustainable and Decarbonized Communities and Lifestyles"
Discussion theme: How to promote 1.5-Degree Lifestyles toward sustainable living
date: 23/4/2022
lecturer: Mr. Hironori Hamanaka
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