Voices of Alumni

In KIP, there are many students and alumnus who are interested in various fields. Therefore, many different opinions are exchanged even if we are discussing about only one topic. In addition, I can use the knowledge acquired in classes, so I am more motivated to study. Also, there are many opportunities to learn about etiquette and gain professional knowledge from forum.
(Taichi Naka, Waseda University)

KIP members will support you if you have anything you don’t understand. KIP members engage in activities in good atmosphere and you can always have a fruitful time in KIP. In addition, through forum and projects in KIP, your weakness will become clear and you will be given an opportunity to grow. I would like to continue actively participating in KIP which gives me an opportunity to grow.
(Daiki Matsuoka, Aoyama Gakuin University)

Each time I participate, I will always think what thinking on my own is. I would like to continue actively participating in KIP which always reminds me of the joy of discussion.
(Ayumi Oi, Keio University)

I was originally interested in politics and relationship between Japan and China. However, the discussion on various topics in KIP such as environment, economics, and media expanded my view. I realized the need to have my own opinion on any topic.
(Eri Tamagawa, The University of Tokyo)

KIP always gives us opportunities to both input and output various topics to consider. Every time I participate in KIP, I can meet new knowledge and new opinions of those who are college students and businessmen. Thus I can always enjoy discussing and learning new things in KIP, as a training field. In addition, the philosophy of KIP, which is "Bringing up students who are knowledgeable about Japan", has a great impact on me. Though I study in the States now, I try to be fully aware of my responsibility and nationality as Japanese.
(Shuta Takada,University of Tokyo, College of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering)

KIP, I can learn social topics with much curiosity. For example, I had studied TPP before it became a hot issue in Japan, and I heard about radiation and nuclear power after the earthquake on 3/11. Every time I discuss with KIP students, saying persuasive opinions and asking sharp questions, I'm so stimulated that I'm made to think deeply what my opinion is and how I tell them my opinion.
(Yuuki Hayakawa,The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics)

Every attendance gives me the precious chances of hearing guest's speech and discussing with KIP members, which make me realize the importance of experience and thinking. In addition, I have a great deal of empathy with the idea of being international on the bases of great understanding of our country. So I'm sure that my future days at KIP will also be meaningful.
(Shusuke Narikiyo, The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law)