Voices of Committee members

What is “Committee”?

Student members can join in the committee, regardless of how long they belong to KIP. Members of the committee, along with the President, take part of the management of the KIP. Each one of them takes charge of some parts of the management, and discusses how to improve the whole organization at a meeting, which is held twice a month.
Members of the committee can challenge a lot of new attempts with help and advice of the President and other adult members of the KIP. As a committee member, you are required to independently plan and carry out the activities while having your own roles in sections such as forums, projects, public relations and membership, so you can intensively train your leadership and management skills.

What is your goal as a co-chairman?
All KIP members are very interested in social issues and can show courtesy and appreciation to others through their actions. The committee needs to maintain an environment in which these wonderful members can comfortably share their opinions on an equal footing and a place where they can also improve themselves. In recent years, there has been an increasing number of organizations that hold discussions on social issues for students, but I suppose there are not many opportunities for all participants to express their opinions freely and equally, regardless of age or affiliation, and opportunities for self-growth. I would like to sustain such an attractive point of KIP and make KIP a group where all members enhance each other.
What role does the KIP committee have?
The committee consists of volunteer students and is responsible for the management of KIP along with the President. Each of the committee members takes their own responsibilities and discusses the overall operation of KIP at regular committee meetings twice a month. The committee allows us to try more than what students usually can do, and what we want to do while receiving feedback from experienced members of society, including the President. As a committee member, you will have a role to play in planning and executing activities in forums, regional and overseas training programs, etc., and you will be expected to take the initiative in planning and executing activities, which will help you develop your leadership and teamwork skills.

(Kaori Nakamura, University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering)

What are your roles as a co-chairman?
As the head of the KIP committee, the chairperson leads the management of KIP together with the board of directors and the secretariat. We moderate the regular twice-monthly meetings, follow up the committee members and manage the progress of each committee member's responsibilities, create the atmosphere and foundation for the committee, and support the President. In addition, as a representative of the students of KIP, I take the lead in preparing events such as a symposium or newcomers event. Also, I am in charge of KIP’s publicity, so I have a role of promoting KIP more effectively.
What have you learnt through your experience in the KIP committee?
An ability of thinking about others’ opinions and communicating my ideas has been nourished. When I was a newcomer of KIP committee, I couldn't express my ideas because I was too dependent on other members. However, through the activities of KIP committee, I learned that it is common that everyone has different idea, and by connecting these different ideas into one thing, we can create a better idea. My experience of KIP committee, I could nourish an ability of thinking continuously and have my own ideas.

(Rei Fujimoto, University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics)