About Each Activity

Discussions on social issues with an expert, after their talk.
Events such as study tours, cultural exchange parties, symposium and so on.
A participant chooses a topic, and other participants study something regarding it beforehand. Thus, we discuss the topic on the basis of our findings. The discussion does not aim for finding a solution, but aims for understanding deeply.
Regional Studies
With the aim of getting familiar not only with global issues but with those of Japan, we visit several parts of Japan, and learn the culture and traditions originated in the areas. In addition to that, we attain a new point of view through discussions with the local students and workers in the local industries. We mainly discuss the current situation of the area and how we can solve the problems that it is now facing.
A program that aims for conveying voices of young generations about a timely theme connected to our life. We also conduct foreign and regional study if necessary.