May.13.2014 KIP Forum "Business of International lawyers"
By Mr. Koichiro Tamura Mr. Hiraku Kato, lawyers of Ushijima & Partners, Attorneys-at-Law

We visited the office of Ushijima & Partners, Attorneys-at-Law, to see lawyers Mr. Tamura and Mr. Kato. They told us about the business of international lawyers. I deeply impressed about two points.

First, there are some remarks only lawyers are capable of. For example, they insist "We lawyers cannot handle inside of men. On the other hand, we can handle outside of him." I have found the pride of lawyers in this statement. However, according to them, it is arrogant for them to control the life of client. Lawyers can only advise the client as an observer.

Second, they told the importance of English skills in the discussion. When they negotiate with foreign enterprises, it is difficult for them to talk with the foreign lawyers. In this case, they are required not only English skill but also logical thinking in Japanese. Logical thinking is required when we construct what we want to say even in Japanese. I think it is persuadable. We are likely to regard lawyers as masters of logical thinking but actually some of them are lack of it. According to speakers, we cannot get this skill in a short time. As Japan is globalizing, all we have to do is to think logically in both Japanese and English. (Yuto Nakamura)