2014.4.24 KIP Forum "the skill of project management"

Forum in April: We invited Konagai Satoshi, who is the principal of BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP. He talked about "the skill of project management" Based on his experience.

Firstly, he explained about how to do project. He taught us why each part is important and what should we do carefully through the project. And he said that good hypothesis bring us good result, so he emphasized the importance of the fast and the efficient when we decide the hypothesis. We shouldn't decide the hypothesis based on everything, shouldn't decide at random, should decide based on the arrangement of the point at issue. By doing so, if the hypothesis is not correct, we can make another hypothesis fastly.

We can get practical information because some people of us do kip project. I feel that the important is to find the correct cause without misled by the superficial issue. And we can't get this skill while short term, can get by a lot of experience. In order to get a lot of experience, we shouldn't forget the mind of challenge everyday. (Shun Hasegawa)