Nov.20.2014 KIP Forum " How the society changed over time and how to adjust to the changes in terms of video service"

Mr. Nagase talked about how Toyo Laboratory (the former name of IMAGICA Corporation) adapted itself to the change of social trend in Japan. The social trend of video watching changed from film to television. The number of commercials increased and video production companies changed their workplaces to TV stations. Mr. Nagase mentioned how he repeated trial and error to commercialized the skills he had for changing plastic films to digital videos and became the company he currently runs.

He emphasized the "word owner-manager" to tell us the big responsibility an owner has in decision-making. He mentioned the bankrupt of Kodak Corporation and making Robot Communications Inc. Imagica's wholly owned subsidiary company to show how an owner's decision can affect the company's future entirely. In his own experience, he made the family business listed in the stock exchange. He refers to the experience as his success story for acquiring talented people and more capital, and eventually making the company more stable. As it is shown above, we learned that the decision making of an owner could greatly influence the company itself.

After the lecture, we had a discussion on "family business and listed company" based on what we had heard from Mr. Nagase. We also talked about a company run by an executive with charisma. Since there are members who are now searching for a job, the topic was very familiar to us and made us think about our future more profoundly. It was such a meaningful opportunity. (translated by Yuko Yokoi)