2012.11.10 KIP Forum "Way of a corporation between Japan, China, and Korea"
By Choi Sang-yong, the Korean Ambassador to Japan

Forum in November : We invited Mr. Choi, Sang-yong who was the Korean Ambassador to Japan. On the title of "Way of a corporation between Japan, China, and Korea " he gave us a presentation from the view of political philosophy that is his major.

Today, the three countries, Japan, China, and Korea, have a great influence in the world. It is meaningful that the three corporate each other, because this can produce a synergy. However, there are two problems at least to realize it.

First, Korea is the smallest country of the three and it cannot be good with the foreign policy if there is no change. In addition, Korea has a difficulty in being a mediating power between Japan and China. Now, it is important to unify the South Korea and the North Korea.

And this needs help from Japan. After a former prime minister, Mr. Koizumi, even if there is a big problem like abduction problem, it is key to take a action from what you can easily do, not to do nothing till a problem get resolved.

Second, that is Nationalism. Today, there are some territorial issues, which are the worst way of Nationalism in historical context. A corporation between historical scholars in each country is significant. They should share facts and accept various interpretations.

In this situation, cultural exchange, mutual learning process, is essential, and I am sure that this indirect effect is worthy. Now, I am trying to establish an orchestra between the three as a mutual learning process. I want to make a soft relationship instead of things like an alliance.

After the lecture like this, we discussed how can Japan help the unification between the North and the South. There are lots of different ideas, like raising a level of economic dependence, making a system of exchange program, etc. I think you have to deeply think of art, which our society does not regard as important but support our inner life. (Soma Nii)