2015.3.28 KIP Symposium "The Current States and Issues of Local Districts"

We held our sixth symposium at Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan.

In the opening remarks, Mrs. Keiko Packard, the president of KIP, introduced the late Mr. Shijuro Ogata, a former KIP director. Also Mr. Gosuke Wada, a former KIP chairperson, gave a memorial address for Mr. Ogata, which made us, KIP members, rethink what KIP or ourselves should be.

After that, KIP Project members made a presentation proposing a program that aims to revitalize local areas and internationalize Japanese people. Their proposal was based on Regional Study Trip to Miyazaki, Niigata, Miyagi and Gifu prefecture, US Study Trip, and the survey to 1000 students. Many audiences asked questions and claimed their opinions, and we could deepen our understandings.

We invited Mr. Toshihiro Menju, the commissioner of Japan Center for International Exchange, as our guest speaker. He gave us the lecture about “The choices of Japan, a depopulating country ? Should Japan accept immigrants?” After the lecture, we, as usual, discussed the lecture topic. Many students regarded immigration issue as a serious social problem, and had active discussion with other students and KIP alumni.

We sincerely appreciate KIP directors, alumni, students, and all the people who cooperated for this symposium.