10th Anniversary

Knowledge Investment Programs (KIP), which gave birth in January 2008, will celebrate the 10th anniversary of this year in 2017.
Thank you to everyone who supports our activities from day to day.
With this memorable milestone, we will introduce new policies and activities from now on.


"Internal internationalization”

  1. Not only Japanese people go abroad, but also Japanese students and international students in Japan think about domestic and foreign issues together,
  2. Making internationalization of human resources and solution of common problems through that intellectual exchange

"Thinking, making judgments and acting"

  1. Since the correct answer is not one, think more through repeated discussions,
  2. Studying by speaking with people in various positions, not only books, to have materials just to make judgments,
  3. It will be positive to change your opinion, not only to think, to move to action
To become a young person who can do these three things [thought - judgment - action] in one set