【A Regional Study to Nagano】

From May 22th to 24th, 15 KIP members, three KIP alumni, and 14 NanoJapan members (overseas students studying Nano Science in Japan) visited Ueda city and Aoki village in Nagano prefecture. Ueda city is the central city of Nagano and is well known with the Ueda Castle. Aoki village is rich with nature and is a village with the rich history. In Aoki village, we discussed the current situation and the agricultural issues of the Aoki village with the local people. We enjoyed various activities, such as rice planting and soba making with them as well as the discussion.


・a field trip to the stone Buddha statues
・rice planting
・Taiko (drum) performance by Aoki villagers
・a discussion with the students from a local university
・a discussion with the local farmers from Aoki village
・Soba (bug weed noodle) making
・a visit to Aoki village and the Ueda High School


-Rice planting-
KIP members and NanoJapan members experienced rice planting.

-Group Discussion-
We discussed “Should universities ban the use of smart phones during classes?” in groups.

-A discussion with local farmers from Aoki village-
We discussed the current situation and the issues of agriculture.

We had Barbecue after the discussion.

-Soba making-
The overseas students ate soba which they made for the first time.

-A visit to Aoki village-
We visited the Three-storied Pagoda in Aoki village.

-A visit to Ueda High School-
Students from Ueda High School showed us around the Ueda castle and the Sanada Shrine.