For International Students

KIP actively accepts international student members under the policy of "internal internationalizationā€.
International student members can participate in all activities as well as Japanese members.
However, because there are many activities to be done in Japanese, it is desirable that there is some Japanese ability. Of course there are activities to do in English.
KIP is a place where you can learn and discuss about a wide range of topics such as politics, business, history, education, etc. with Japanese university students and graduate students, centering on social problems surrounding Japan. You can also be involved in the management of activities such as forums, regional training, overseas training, etc.
Growing up in different countries and having various backgrounds, various opinions sweep across, and views of diverse things are presented. We hope that it will be a place to get such stimulation.
Through such activities, members are also interacting.

Number of international student members: approximately 15 people (As of February 2017)
Nationality: China, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Pakistan etc.

Voice of international student members

2016 University Student International Conference in Mie (UNICOM) Participants

photo UNICOM had a broader perspective on Japan, and it was a place to have a lot of interesting experience. I sympathized with KIP's philosophy more than before and I was wondering if KIP can help somewhere in the process of achieving the purpose. UNICOM was a better experience than I imagined. First of all, it was that an agenda was set up that allows people to interact with Japanese students and international students, to increase new friends, and to discuss real issues of local issues that are problematic in Japan. However, I think that the best thing is that there was connection with the contents of the discussion and the tours and experiential learning that the Mie prefecture government could learn about the culture and history. I would also like to thank the Japanese students who interpreted in English during discussions and visits. In the tour, I learned a lot about Japanese culture and history which is deeply related to Mie, like Ise Shrine. I am also looking forward to such a program at KIP.
(University of Tokyo, research student, Igor Zabirov, from Russia)

From August 31 to September 3, I participated in the Mie University Summit in Summer. Many of the 78 participants were students of the Kanto region, but they were international students from various countries and the special fields of each participant were different, so I learned a lot. Things I have learned at this event can not be forgotten for the rest of my life. Everyone was able to spend a gentle, bright and pleasant time. For me, the most impressive thing was group debate. A lot of things about agriculture and economy in Mie prefecture became clear I who came to Japan and lived in Mie prefecture for four years. Finally, I would like to thank the KIP members, all the participants, the staff of the Mie Prefectural Government office and all the people involved in this event held this event. I would like to participate in such events if I have opportunity in the future.
(Yokkaichi University, 3 years, Gimire Snita, from Nepal)