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Sep.7.2017 Asia Study Trip

We held Asia Study Trip from 8/27 to 9/7.We visited Singapore and Hong Kong, where we discussed a theme common to the three countries including Japan: "The Aging Society."

June.15.2017 Forum

We held our June Forum on the subject of “Trump regime and Situation in East Asia”

June.6.2017 Event

We held our June Event on the subject of "Issues of Korean Education System:Is this the best for Korean children?"

May.31.2017 Forum

We held our May Forum on the subject of “To maintain wealth in aging, declining birth rates and population decline What to be able to do by youth”

Apr.28.2017 Forum

We held our April Forum on the subject of “President Trump and how would Japan deal with him”

Feb.27.2017 Forum

We held our February Forum on the subject of “Recent changes in European and British Politics”

Sep.03.2016 Regional Studies

We held UNICOM (University Students' International Conference in Mie) from 8/31 to 9/3.
※Sponsored by Mie pref. and KIP