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June.4.2018 Forum

We held our June Forum on the subject of "A Peak Behind the Curtain: What do U.S. Diplomats and U.S. Embassies Actually do?”

May.8.2018 Forum

We held our May Forum on the subject of "Significance of the Linear Central Shinkansen and the Role of the Tokaido Shinkansen”

Apr.7.2018 Forum

We held our April Forum on the subject of “Nissan Intelligent Mobility Vision”

Mar.27.2018 US Study Trip

We held US Study Trip from 2/23 to 3/14.In this study project, we visited West Coast, East Coast, and Hawaii in America, and conducted discussions in 5 universities as well as interviews at 13 companies.

Feb.8.2018 Forum

We held our Feburary Forum on the subject of “The museum in the 21st century: Who is it for and Why does it matter?”

Jan.11.2018 Forum

We held our January Forum on the subject of “How do you live in a global era?”

Dec.16.2017 Event

We held Alumni Event 2017 on December 16th.15 alumni and 34 students got together!