Arp.28.2017 KIP Forum “President Trump and how would Japan deal with him”
By Mr.Ichiro Fujisaki, The former ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the US

On the evening of April 28th we had a lecture and Q&A session about the United States presidential election in 2016, Donald Trump's Policies so far, and how Japanese government would deal with him. The speaker, Mr. Ichiro Fujisaki served as an ambassador to United States in 2010 and is currently the president of the Japan-America Society and a professor concerned with international strategy in Sophia University.More

Feb.27.2017 KIP Forum “Recent changes in European and British Politics”
By Mr.Simon King, the Private Secretary to the Prime Minister of UK

On the evening of February 20th we had a lecture and Q&A session about some issues which Great Britain and European Union has been facing in recent times. The speaker was Mr. Simon King, former advisor of British Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and David Cameron, as well as Mrs. Theresa May. Mr. King started his career at one of the London’s auction houses because he has interest in arts. Then he worked for a long time in British government. He lives with his wife in countryside near London. Mr. King often visits Japan and owns a small business in Tokyo.More

Nov.12.2016 KIP Forum “Leadership(based on a case study used in Harvard Business School)”
By Mr.Ninami Takeshi, the president of Suntory Holdings Limited

We, KIP, invited Mr. Ninami- the president of Suntory Holdings Limited- to November forum as a lecturer, and let him have a lecture about leadership based on a case study about a distress accident occurred in Everest in 1996 which was used in Harvard Business School. More

Oct.19.2016 KIP Forum “The management philosophy in the era of the IoT (Internet of Things)”
By Mr. Sachio Semmoto, Managing Director of Renova, Inc.

For our October forum, we invited Mr.Semmoto who has founded KDDI and Y-mobile and now a managing director of Renova, Inc. The title of his talk was “The management philosophy in the era of the IoT (Internet of Things)”. He talked about how to be an entrepreneur from his own experience such as the values he held to face the society and what was necessary to start a company. More

Sep.28.2016 KIP Forum “Language, evolution and globalization”
By Mr. Yuji Yamashita, Executive Director, The Institute of International Business Communication (IIBC)

For our September forum, we invited Mr. Yuji Yamashita as our speaker. He is the Executive Director of the Institute of International Business Communication (IIBC). The title of the lecture was “Language, evolution and globalization”. He talked about TOEIC and globalization. More

Apr.23.2016 KIP Forum “The Global World and The Leadership”
By Mr. Shigeo Oyagi, the Representative Director of Teijin Ltd

For our April forum, we invited Mr. Shigeo Oyagi, the Representative Director of Teijin Ltd from 2014. He gave us a lecture on a title of “the global world and the leadership”. As one of the top of the business world, Mr. Oyagi mentioned his view to the modern world that is increasing its uncertainty of the future, and in such an environment, what kind of posture the leader should be.More