Members' university University of Tokyo, Keio University, Waseda University, Sophia University, Rikkyo University, ICU International Christian University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Seikei University, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo University of Science, Tohoku University, Miyagi Gakuin Womens' University, Bunkyo University, Nihon University, Tsuda College, Aoyama Gakuin University, Chuo University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, University of Tsukuba
Alumni Professions Foreign & Domestic Financial firms, banks, Trading company, Local government, Consulting Firms, Journalism, Broadcast ...etc
Total Members 80-90 members
Candidates undergrad/grad students and post graduate
Any university, major, age, nationality, and gender, is welcomed.
Venue International House of Japan, Tokyo Sanuki Club, and other company’s meeting rooms
Annual Fee 10,000Yen/year
Qualification Youth who has Curiosity, Ambition and Devotion
Founding Date January, 2008
Founder/President KIP Programs Representative. Keiko Packard

Board of Director

President Keiko Packard Representative, KIP Programs Inc,
Japan Representative, Nano-Japan Program
Honorary Director The late Shijuro Ogata Former Board member of Bank of Japan
Former Vice President of Japan Development Bank
Director Kazuhiro Tabata Former Board member of NHK
Former President of NHK symphony Orchestra
Director Koichi Itoh Chairman of Itoh Buiding Co.
Director of American Funds
Director Sadaaki Numata Advisor - KAJIMA Corporation
Former Ambassador to Canada - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
Chairman of The English-Speaking Union of Japan
Director Takeshi Niinami President, Suntory Holdings Limited
Auditor Kohtaro Tamura Attorney-at-Law, Ushijima & Partners

Executive Committee

Chairman Tetsuro Tada University of Tokyo, Humanities and Social Sciences I
Ayako Morihara Keio Unversity, School of Politics
English Publication Natsuki Ueyama Keio Unversity, School of Politics
Membership Daisuke Mizutani Keio Unversity, School of Finance
Forum Tetsuro Tada University of Tokyo, Humanities and Social Sciences I
Regional Studies Daiki Naito University of Tokyo, Natural Sciences II
University Student's Conference Mana Sato The University of the Sacred Heart, Department of English Language and Literiture
Overeas Studies Ayako Morihara Keio Unversity, School of Politics
Event Maho Noritomi University of Tokyo, School of Finance
HP Anna Sakuma Keio Unversity, School of Politics